Karthik Kanuganti

Hi, I'm Karthik!

About me

Seven years ago, I came to know of a guy's crazy master plan to change the fate of the world with his startup car company and I lost my mind! But, I knew he was right! "Can I make the world better, too?", I contemplated. So, with a goal in mind I dropped out of a premier architecture school to pursue bachelors in electrical engineering.

I pushed myself even further to move to USA and graduate with a masters from Purdue. Here, while working on the Crowd-powered systems course, I realized how crucial programming is - with it's know-how, one could build anything and all they'd need is a computer. I got hooked and my journey as a programmer began. Being open-minded, I have a desire to acquire new skills. These days, I'm excited to learn PHP and contribute to the open source community.

When I'm not working on stuff, I like to cook for pleasure. I grew up cooking around my family & would love the delicious home-cooked meals my mom (or) grandma made. You will too, if you'd try!

Check out my casual vitae & projects listed below.

Casual Vitae

Casual Vitae. It's not your professor's vitae.

2014 - 2016Purdue University, M.S in Electrical & Computer Engineering
2010 - 2014JNTU, Hyderabad, B. Tech. in Electrical & Electronics Engineering
2009 - 2010School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi, B. Arch.
2014Deloitte US-India, Business Tech analyst @ Cyber Risk services
2014Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd. R&D, Research Intern @ Power Electronics Simulation lab
2014Ciencia 2k14, CVRCE's Tech fest , Main Coordinator
2013Squadron 32, An interdisciplinary tech club, Founder
2015 - presentGolden State Warriors, Energetic Basketball Fan
2014 - presentHyderbadi Chicken Biryani, Favorite food that I'd made
2012 - 2014College team, Batsman
1992 - presentSachin Tendulkar, Favorite athlete


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